Judge Won’t Allow Apple’s Sneaky Stunt

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) attempts at pushing its luck against Samsung haven’t quite paid off. The iPhone maker’s appeal to get two patents belonging to the Korean company ruled unenforceable on allegations that they were obtained through manipulation has been shot down. Apple’s stunt came despite the fact that a jury had already found the California company to be not guilty of violating them, Bloomberg said.

The patents in question were part of the lawsuit that saw a San Jose, California, jury announce in August that Samsung was guilty of violating several Apple patents. The Korean company was asked to pay $1.05 billion in damages and several of its products may eventually see U.S. sales bans. Samsung countersued Apple, but the jury did not find the iPhone maker guilty on any count.

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However, not convinced by just that verdict in its favor, Apple next sought a ruling from U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh that the patents were unenforceable, alleging Samsung manipulated technology standard-setting processes to obtain them, according to court filings. Samsung said the patents were essential to an industry standard for 3G mobile technology.

Koh said in an order on Thursday that she will not consider Apple’s legal arguments. “Because the court finds that these defenses cannot affect the outcome of the present case in light of the jury’s finding of non-infringement, the court, in its discretion, will not consider these defenses at this time,” Koh said.

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