More Apple Leaks: iPhone 5C and iPad 5 Videos

As the expected fall launch window for the next generation of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) devices draws nearer, more and more leaks are continuing to emerge online. Once again, the Chinese microblogging site Weibo is the source of the latest leak, via the Dutch-language website iphone5skopen. The leak consists of two short video clips that purport to show the rear casings for the upcoming iPhone 5C and the fifth-generation iPad. The YouTube versions of the videos were provided courtesy of Apple researcher Sonny Dickson.

Most analysts are expecting Apple to launch the low-cost plastic iPhone alongside the iPhone 5S sometime this fall. A previous leak from Weibo last week showed some plastic iPhone 5C packaging that has led many commentators to speculate that Apple may be using the new “C” designator for its budget plastic iPhone.

The “C” designator would distinguish the low-cost device from the flagship iPhone that many are speculating will be called the iPhone 5S. The “C” may also stand for “color,” since many images of plastic iPhone casings in different colors have also emerged online.

The other video supposedly shows the rear shell for the iPad 5. The video also shows what appears to be the front glass for the next-generation iPad. The front glass has a narrower bezel than the current version of the iPad, which seems to be in line with previous leaks.

Interestingly, the Apple logo on the iPad 5 casing appears to be semi-translucent. This may indicate that the next-generation iPad will feature a backlit logo similar to Apple’s MacBooks.

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