New Budget iPhone Leak, New Plastic Colors


Are the purported plastic casings for Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) so-called “budget iPhone” less garish than originally believed?

Although pictures of the budget iPhone’s plastic casings in multiple colors have already emerged from a previous leak, the latest images show the same colors in a much more subdued tone.

The latest leaked image was posted by Apple researcher Sonny Dickson. In the image, the “white” plastic casing appears to be more grayish in color, while the yellow casing is less bright than the previously posted canary-yellow color. However, the red, green, and blue casings appear to be similar to the colors seen in previous leaks.

There have been multiple leaks about Apple’s upcoming plastic iPhone from various sources over the past month. Most recently, some high-quality images and a video of an assembled white budget iPhone were posted on the Techdy blog.

The author claimed to have acquired a rear shell and front panel for a white budget iPhone, which he was able to match with a previously obtained display assembly component. However, other commentators have noted that the plastic casing appeared to only have pinholes where the power, volume, and SIM card slot should be. This suggests that either the casing was obtained before it had gone through the final production stages, or it was merely an imitation component manufactured for an iPhone knock-off.

Many analysts have predicted that Apple will release a budget iPhone or an “iPhone Lite” along with the usual iPhone upgrade this fall. Apple CEO Tim Cook helped stoke speculation about the possible launch of a low-cost iPhone when he refused to dismiss the idea of releasing multiple versions of the iPhone. “We haven’t so far. That doesn’t shut out the future,” stated Cook at the All Things D conference.

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