Next Generation iPad is on the Way, But Will it Address These Major Issues?

According to Taiwanese industry publication DigiTimes, Apple (AAPL) iPad suppliers are completing validation for the next generation iPad rumored to arrive in the first quarter of 2011. No doubt, this will be another headline dominating event. But will Apple address some of the biggest issues with the first generation iPad?

The Major Issues

When we first reviewed the iPad, we had a ton of great things to say. However, there were three main features we felt Apple could add in the next generation:

Unfortunately, I could not multi-task on the iPad. But then again, it’s probably a good thing to stay focused on the task at hand. It would be beneficial down the road to be able to have a document open and also browse the web simultaneously.

There is no video camera for web video conferencing. With such an incredible screen, it seems a future development could come in the form of more “Facetime” similar to the new iPhone 4.

Eventually, I would also like to see Flash (ADBE) support. There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a site on the web and not being able to load the video when you want it.

Moreover, Wall St. Cheat Sheet Managing Editor Elliot Turner has offered 5 Things the Next Generation iPad Must Address:

5.  The lack of open source software.

4. No changeable battery.

3.  There is no scalability to the hardware.

2.  There’s no USB drive.

1.  The inability of the iPad to function independently of a computer.

Lack of Support for Businesses

The iPad has a ton of great uses for businesses. However, Chief Information and Technology Officers are largely ignoring the iPad because of concerns over security and the ability to administer remotely. Moreover, “Currently, just 600 of the 11,000 iPad-only applications are for business.” This lack of enterprise support is a HUGE issue which Apple could easily address. And if they do, I would expect to see iPads in offices across the world.

But For Now, Millions of People Just Don’t Care

Regardless of the known feature limitations of the current iPad, yesterday’s launch in China had people standing in lines as if they were cashing in a winning lottery ticket. Looks like Apple isn’t too worried about Google (GOOG) Android tablets …

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