Rolling Stone and Billboard Among a Dozen New Apps Offered From Spotify

Spotify announced today that it would open up its music library as a platform for app developers to allow for an enhanced experience for users. The Swedish company is trying to follow in the footsteps of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Facebook who have had great success by creating a so-called ecosystem of apps.

CNET quoted CEO Daniel Ek who said in a press conference, “We’re opening up the platform in a way that really makes Spotify yours.” Critics question how Spotify will attract app developers without a clear sense of how the apps will create revenue. Ek says they are still in the beginning phases and “figure things out along the way.”

Spotify will start out with 12 apps from notable names such as Rolling Stone and Billboard.  These initial apps will be free to users. Spotify hopes that the addition of apps will help to enhance to Spotify experience, for example the Rolling Stone app will add editorial information and give recommendations for further music to check out.

The new apps will initially only be available via the desktop version of Spotify. It has not been disclosed whether the apps will eventually be accessible on smartphones and tablets. Spotify will review and approve each app before making it available to consumers.

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