Samsung Gets Weird in New Anti-Apple Ad

Samsung (SSNLF.PK) criticizes Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) for its lack of voice control support for the Icelandic language in a new commercial. The commercial begins with an Icelander trying to operate a literal apple as a smartphone. He looks at the fruit in bewilderment and frustration.

Suddenly a Galaxy S4 appears in the man’s hands, and he is smiling as a text box next to him states in Icelandic that, “The Galaxy S4 Understands Icelandic.” Scattered on the ground around him are dozens of apples that are presumably metaphorical stand-ins for Apple’s iPhone.

After using the Galaxy S4, the man breaks into a dance with several balaclava-clad dancers as a goat watches. Essentially the ad is pointing out that Siri doesn’t understand Icelandic, while the Galaxy S4 “allows you to write emails and text messages by speaking to the phone in Icelandic.”

In the YouTube video description, Samsung boasts that the Galaxy S4 understands “our beloved warmth.” Apple Insider notes that this is a nod to Icelandic cultural identity since many Icelanders refer to their native language by this name.

Samsung has unleashed several videos in the past that attack the Cupertino-based company’s image, although most of them focus on portraying Apple users as older and out-of-touch with the latest smartphone technologies. One of Samsung’s recent ads showed older folks being astonished by the Galaxy S4’s features at a high school graduation pool party where all the younger people used Samsung’s devices.

Jez Frampton, chief executive officer of the ad research firm Interbrand, recently observed on Bloomberg Television that Samsung is trying to “position themselves as for the younger consumer versus Apple” in the North American market. As part of this marketing effort, Samsung recently offered 1 million copies of Jay-Z’s new “Magna Carta Holy Grail” album for Galaxy users to download.

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