San Francisco Mayor Weighs in on Apple Store

source: Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) latest retail building be shot down for aesthetic reasons? Apple’s proposed Apple Store location in San Francisco’s Union Square district is being more closely scrutinized by Ed Lee, the mayor of San Francisco, after the building plans sparked some local criticism according to MacRumors.

At the heart of the controversy is Apple’s plan to remove a historic and beloved Ruth Asawa fountain that is currently located in the Stockton Street plaza. The fountain was made by the famous Japanese-American sculptor Ruth Asawa and has been a feature of the plaza since 1973. The removal of the fountain was originally pointed out by the San Francisco Chronicle’s architecture critic, John King.

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Regarding the fountain, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee admits via the San Francisco Chronicle that, “We weren’t necessarily focused on that side. It wasn’t part of our discussion.”

“’I need to take a look and visualize’ how the fountain would or would not complement Apple’s proposal for a raised narrow plaza between its store and the Grand Hyatt. The hotel tower was built in tandem with the plaza and the retail building in the early 1970s. ‘We have to see whether it might fit in,’” reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Another aesthetic issue is an 80-foot long blank facade that the store would create on the side that faces Stockton Street. The mayor said Apple was “very receptive” to the community’s concerns about the blank wall.

Apple closed down 0.41 percent, or $1.85, at $449.73 on Friday. Here’s how Apple has traded over the past week.

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