Stolen iPhone Service

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) has great customer service for its iPhones according to many owners. Some have posted stories of gratitude when their broken devices were replaced at stores. Others have been grateful that friends, or someone else can take in a phone for repair.

Great customer relations, the company gives the customer a quality product or makes it right! The stories are true, but it just doesn’t seem to matter where the phone came from or who owns it. Seems there’s one little problem.

The New York Daily News reports in a 10-month span last year, 70 percent of phones taken from bus and subway passengers were iPhones. So far, Apple is trusting people who turn in a phone by replacing devices or giving discounts on a replacement. Apple has even sent emails notifying owners that their stolen iPhones have been repaired.

Maybe enough owners haven’t complained loud enough or Apple is hoping we can all trust each other.