Target’s Apple Product Sales Aim at Last-Minute Shoppers

Source: Apple.comTarget (NYSE:TGT) is kicking off an Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) sales promotion aimed at last-minute holiday shoppers this Sunday. According to GigaOM, the sales promotion will run from December 22 through Christmas Eve day and will feature price discounts on Apple’s first-generation iPad mini, the new iPad Air, the iPhone 5C, and the iPhone 5S.

Under the sales promotion that begins December 22, Apple’s first-generation 16GB iPad mini will be available for $299 and will include a $30 Target gift card. The 16GB iPad Air will be offered for $479 along with a $20 Target gift card. Apple currently sells the 16 GB iPad Air for $499 through the Online Apple Store.

As noted by GigaOM, the 16GB iPhone 5C will be offered for $30, along with a $30 Target gift card. Finally, the 16GB iPhone 5S will be available for $179.99 and will include a $25 Target gift card. In contrast, Apple currently sells the 16GB iPhone 5S for $199 through its website. It should be noted that customers are required to sign a standard two-year service contract in order to qualify for the discounted iPhone prices at Target.

The latest Apple sales promotion will begin after Target’s current Apple sales promotion concludes. The current sales promotion started on December 15 and runs through December 21. Like the upcoming promotion, the first-generation 16GB iPad mini is also being offered for $299 with a $30 Target gift card under the terms of the current sales promotion.

However, the 16GB iPhone 5C is slightly more expensive at $50 under the current sales promotion. On the other hand, customers will also get a more valuable $50 gift card along with the iPhone 5C. Through December 21, customers can also pick up the iPhone 5S for a little less money out of pocket. The 16GB iPhone 5S is currently available for $149.99, but doesn’t include the addition of a gift card.

As noted by GigaOM, Target shoppers can also get an additional $25 store credit towards the purchase of an iPhone if they trade in their old smartphone in working condition. This means that customers could potentially pay as little as $5 cash for a 16GB iPhone 5C during Target’s upcoming Apple product sales promotion.

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