The iPhone 5S Camera Will Have This Special Feature

Source: Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone supply chain has sprung yet another leak. The latest leaked image comes courtesy of the French website and purports to show the camera component for the upcoming iPhone 5S. Steve Hemmerstoffer at claims to have obtained the image from “the catalog of a [Chinese] retailer who sells it as component replacement / repair for the future successor to the current iPhone 5.”

Hemmerstoffer points out that “unlike the iPhone 5, the camera and flash are connected by a single sheet.” This suggests the camera module depicted in the image is intended for the iPhone 5S which — according to previous rumors — will feature a dual LED flash component that is independent of the camera module.

The dual LED flash will enable the next-generation iPhone to take better photographs in low-light environments. Hemmerstoffer illustrates the difference between the “single flash” iPhone 5 camera module and the upcoming iPhone 5S dual flash camera module in the above side-by-side comparison photograph. also notes that this new image calls the veracity of another recent leak into question. The Chinese website IT168 recently posted an image of a camera module with a sapphire crystal cover that it claimed was intended for the low-cost iPhone 5C. However, since the iPhone 5C is expected to have a camera similar to the current iPhone 5, it is more likely that the camera module it showed is intended for the iPhone 5S.

MacRumors obtained an image that supposedly showed the interior and rear casing of an iPhone 5S back in June. The rear casing in that image featured an LED flash window that had been altered from a round shape to a “pill-shaped” window. This also seems to support the rumors that the iPhone 5S will feature a dual LED flash.

Although it is interesting to note the congruency between the various leaked images, it is still impossible to verify the authenticity of the devices shown in any of these images. However, it should be noted that has previously obtained images of Apple’s colorful iPhone 5C plastic casings from a Chinese supply chain source. Later leaks that showed plastic iPhone 5C packaging and plastic casings in various colors seemed to support the French website’s initial leak.

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