Twitter and Apple Amp Up Their Partnership

Last June, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) announced a surprising partnership with Twitter, in which the two would bake the micro-blogging social network into every mobile device using Apple’s new iOS 5 software. Now Apple has revealed plans to bake Twitter into Mountain Lion, the latest version of Apple’s OS X.

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This summer, not only will all new Macs have Twitter built in, but all older computers upgrading to the new operating system will have it as well, potentially putting Twitter in front of as many faces as Facebook.

The alliance shocked many due to both the nature of the deal (Apple seldom involves itself in such third-party partnerships), and the fact that it was made with a social media service other than the go-to Goliath, Facebook.

It was a win-win for both Twitter and Apple; the former will most likely gain users from the deal, while the latter creates a new incentive for OS users to upgrade.

Immediately following the iOS 5 integration in December, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said monthly sign-ups had already jumped 25 percent. An even bigger coup, Twitter will now be seen as the go-to social site for iOS and Apple.

As for Apple, the tech giant has long been pressured to get into the social media game. Although it’s been argued that Apple should service a social network of its own, the alliance with Twitter is undeniably a big step.

Just last week, Twitter received criticism for its lack of focus. Today, they scored a second major partnership with the one of the most valuable companies in the world. #headedintherightdirection

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