What Are Amazon’s Plans For Apple’s Siri Look-Alike?

Sources are indicating that online retail giant Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has acquired Evi, an app similar to Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Siri, which is generating wonder and intrigue over the possibility that Amazon may be thrusting itself into the smartphone game.

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Evi, built by an English firm after Siri’s launch on the iPhone 4S, is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. Amazon also just spent $26 million on it, if the sources are correct, meaning it has big plans for the program in the future — at least, one would hope. However, the news was not confirmed by Amazon, Evi or Octopus Ventures, which backed the project.

The Evi app conjoins technology from Nuance, which Evilicensed, with the search engine from Trust Knowledge to create an digital assistant of sorts.Initially Apple almost gave the app the boot from its app store, complaining that it was too close to Siri’s technology. In the end, the company allowed the app on the market. Evi works on all iOS platforms, whereas Siri only works on the iPhone 4S and later.

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Given Amazon’s success in the tablet market with the Kindle Fire, a smartphone wouldn’t be entirely out of question — but it seems preemptive to base such claims on one purchase that the company has supposedly made, although all the signs indicate that the purchase has taken place.Evi Technologies Ltd directors have been replaced by Amazon’s legal representative, and all Evi loans have been paid off. Evi’s new companysecretary– Mitre Securities Ltd. — is also the secretary for Amazon’s U.K. office, as well.

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