What’s Moving These Shares January 25th?

With the Dow Jones (NYSE:DIA), S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY) and Nasdaq (NASDAQ:QQQQ) markets slightly down on the 16th trading day of 2011, here is a group of stocks making moves on our radar and the reasons why:

1) Verizon (NYSE:VZ): Before the company starts selling the iPhone (NASDAQ:AAPL) in February, Verizon announced the addition of 872,000 subscribers in the latest quarter. Analysts expected an addition of 650,000 subscribers. Shares broke above $36.50 today and are currently up over 2%.

2) Gold (NYSE:GLD): Shares broke below the $130 mark today. Since the start of the year, GLD has declined from a 52-week high of $139.54. Shares are settling around the $129.50 level today. The FOMC meeting and the State of Union address are approaching and could create more volatility in the near-term for precious metals.

3) Texas Instruments (NYSE:TXN): Shares are down over 1.5% today following the company’s latest earnings report. Profit was up 44%. TXN beat Wall Street’s expectations, but profit-taking today.

4) VMware Inc (NYSE:VMW): The stock is trading down over 3% to $84.89 following the company’s latest quarterly report. Analysts are concerned about future profitability, even though VMW beat the street’s consensus estimates along with partner EMC (NYSE:EMC).

5) Natural Gas (NYSE:UNG): Shares are down over 2% to $6.09 today. Natural gas stocks have been on a steady rise up in 2011 with the craze for commodities heating up. Profit-takers are clearly swooping in today. Meanwhile, Oil (NYSE:USO) is down 1.44% to $36.40. With Winter temperatures higher than average today, natural gas and oil are heading in the opposite direction of the outdoor thermometer.

6) Bank of America (NYSE:BAC): The stock is down 1.62% to $13.69 per share. The bank acquired Countrywide back during the financial crisis and is paying a price for negative headlines this week. Countrywide is being accused of ‘massive fraud.’ Investors are fleeing shares of BAC during this volatile and uncertain period. Don’t miss: Is AIG the Queen of the Zombie Bank Prom?>>

7) CSX Corporation (NYSE:CSX): A bright spot in the markets today, shares are up over 1.5% to $68.76 per share. The company indicated they are seeing a very slow but better-than-last-year economic recovery in their latest quarterly earnings report. Powerhouse bank JP Morgan raise their estimates for CSX following their earnings release.

8) Blackrock (NYSE:BLK): The company topped analyst estimates with a profit rise of 77% in their latest quarterly report. Shares are up over $4 to $197.73 per share, or an increase of 2.14%. The stock is a shining green light on many trading terminals today.

9) Toyota (NYSE:TM) shares are almost flat today at $83.59 per share. Toyota has been plagued with many recalls over the past 12 months. GM (NYSE:GM) is firing on all cylinders to take a stab at the #1 sales position again in 2011. Meanwhile, shares of Ford (NYSE:F) hit $18 per share this morning and then faded back to the $17 range again. As gas prices rise, consumers are back on the hunt for hybrid vehicles like the new hybrid Lexus, Prius, Fusion and Volt. Gas-efficient vehicles are all the craze right now.

10) Kimberly-Clark Corp (NYSE:KMB): Shares are up over 3% to $66.04 per share today. Profit was unchanged as the company beat analyst estimates in its latest quarterly report. KMB plans to restructure its pulp business, primarily used for paper products like tissues.

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