Who’s Ahead in Smartphone Subscriber Growth?

Source: Apple.com

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Samsung (SSNLF.PK) had reason to feel good this week, in light of a recent statistics report published by comScore, which revealed that the electronics companies were the only two out of the top five manufacturers to grow.

Apple’s three-month average percentage of smartphone subscribers rose from 39.9 percent in June to 40.6 percent in September, a 0.7 point rise compared to Samsung’s 1.2 point rise from 23.7 percent to 24.9 percent in the same period. HTCGoogle’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Motorola, and LG all had worse outlooks in subscribers.

It was recently discovered that the resale value on Apple’s iPhones is considerably better than any other mobile phone, whether it be the HTC One, Motorola’s Droid, or LG’s Nexus. This may be a factor in upgrades and purchases, as well as in pricing. The continued subscriber rise only serves to back up what is a clear lead for Apple, even with the increase in Samsung subscribers.

Apple may have been at the forefront in the percentage of subscribers, but Android has the company easily beaten in platforms, with Google’s operating system taking a 51.8 percent share of smartphone subscribers compared to Apple’s 40.6 percent share. What is also notable is that Apple enjoyed a 0.7 point increase from June to September in subscribers, as mentioned before, whereas Android subscribers have actually decreased 0.2 points in that same period.

Looking also at what consumers do with their smartphones — once they’ve chosen a brand — the study provided data on the most-used apps. The Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) mobile app topped the list for users 18 and older in September, with a 74.3 percent of the smartphone app audience.

Google Play hit 53.9 percent, Google Search reached 53.2 percent, Google’s Youtube came in at 49.6 percent, and making the top five for the first time was Pandora’s (NYSE:P) mobile app, which reached 49.3 percent, beating out the Gmail app by 4.4 percent.

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