Why is Apple So Picky?

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) demand of smartphone subsidies from carriers is already infamous, but it turns out the company is also stringent about letting cellular providers offer the iPhone 5 on their LTE networks. Apple reportedly conducts its own tests on each network before deciding whether to enable 4G services on iPhones and iPads for customers of that company, TheNextWeb said.

Swiss operator Swisscom brought up the fact while announcing the launch of its LTE network this week. While the company’s high-speed data network is live, it cannot offer the iPhone 5 yet because Apple had not finished testing it.

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Bengt Nordstrom of industry consultancy NorthStream told Telecoms.com that he was “shocked” to learn of the policy, which turns sector norms on their head. Usually, wireless operators conduct their own testing before offering a smartphone on their network. Nordstrom said Apple’s position proved “who [was] running the industry” and confirmed that the iPhone maker had put itself “in the driving seat.”

While Apple’s stringent testing sounds unfair, it does eventually add up to a better experience for the customer.

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