Will All These Launch Delays Bite Apple?

There are more indications that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will miss some of the rumored deadlines for new products. Cirrus Logic (NASDAQ:CRUS) hinted that was the case last week, and now some other suppliers have suggested that manufacturing for the next iPhone has been delayed.

Last Week, Cirrus Logic announced it would have a “net inventory reserve of $23.3 million, of which approximately $20.7 million is due to decreased forecast for a high volume product.” Speculation quickly pointed to Apple’s smartphones as that “high volume product,” as Cirrus Logic generates 90 percent of its audio device sales from Apple.

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KGI Securities Analyst Ming-chi Kuo, whose track record of predicting Apple’s devices and launches is strong, also suggested that there would be some delays on Apple’s next products. He said that there was trouble making the plastic case for a low-cost iPhone, that hold-ups with iOS 7 could delay the iPhone 5S, and that screen technology for the next iPad could push back its manufacturing. Kuo was also an early suggester of a fingerprint sensor on the next iPhone, but a supplier in Taiwan said that finding a coating material for the sensor could also be causing delays…

Supplier sources in Japan and Taiwan told Reuters, the next iPhones were expected to begin production in June, but that timeline might be pushed back. It was suggested that both the iPhone 5S and a low-cost iPhone would use the same screen technology. But those sources also said that there would be delays.

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Many analysts have been expecting a summer release of Apple’s new devices, but that’s seeming less likely considering the delay suggestions. While it means disappointment for consumers, it may be a bigger deal for investors, who had hoped to see new devices launch within Apple’s third quarter.

Expectations for Apple might not be too great, as many analysts see Apple reporting earnings for the second quarter at the low end of guidance. Shares could bounce back slightly if Apple manages to beat expectations in the face of such negativity. But, not many people are hopeful that will happen.

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