Will Apple Fix iCloud Before the Storm Hits?

When Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) unveiled its iCloud storage and synching software, then-CEO Steve Jobs promised a no-nonsense service that consumers and developers could use without issue. Jobs explained that, while there was nothing flashy about Apple’s foray into cloud services, iCloud “just works.” Now that developers have tried and failed to integrate iCloud, it appears that statement was misleading.

There are two specific functions of iCloud: to back up basic email (the consumer end) and to sync databases. The latter function, known as Core Data, has been long awaited by iOS and OS X developers for app-building. So far, the waiting has been in vain, as iCloud has failed on nearly every level. The motto “It just works” is being mocked by developers from all sides, both publicly and privately.

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This bad publicity is putting Apple in a bad spot. It will need to either fix iCloud entirely by summer or face an even bigger firestorm from developers – many of whom have been happy to quote their displeasure in the media. “iCloud with Core Data is a developer’s worst nightmare,” one industry heavyweight told Ellis Hamburger of The Verge. With Apples stock continuing to gasp for air, the developers’ June deadline to fix iCloud looks like a must for Apple…

Apple shares were down more than 1 percent before mid-day Friday, but the company’s long-term issues are the real concern for investors. Goldman Sachs removed Apple from its list of top stocks this Tuesday in another hint of storm clouds on the horizon. Though many developers have abandoned iCloud in search of more convenient solutions, Apple’s clout in the tech world has bought it another two months, according to reports.

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In the best case scenario, Apple will find a way to solve the considerable issues with Core Data in the coming months and make it right with the developers it has disappointed. Considering the amount of anger iCloud has caused in the industry, Apple ought to be contrite if it manages to come up with an iCloud fix. Though it won’t be becoming of such a powerful company, it is just what Apple needs right now.

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