Will Apple Introduce an Entirely New Mac Lineup at WWDC 2012?

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is planning to update at least four of its five Mac lines on June 11 as it kicks off its Worldwide Developers Conference with a keynote led by CEO Tim Cook, according to a 9to5Mac report. If sources are correct, WWDC 2012 could be the biggest simultaneous launch of new Macs in Apple’s history.

9to5Mac previously reported that Apple would introduce a brand new 15-inch MacBook Pro at WWDC with a thinner design, high-resolution Retina Display, and faster I/O, but not its sources say Apple will release two configurations of the redesigned 15-inch MacBook Pro.

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Apple was also previously reported to be working on a version of the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Airs with Retina Displays, which 9to5Mac was led to believe are the second Mac update announcement at WWDC. Apple will likely release two new configurations of both MacBook Air screen sizes.

The third update will likely be a refresh to the iMac line, which was last updated in May 2011 with faster processors, a vastly-improved graphics system, a FaceTime HD camera, and Thunderbolt, an interface for connecting peripheral devices. The last complete iMac industrial redesign was launched in late 2009. Because the feature-set for the new iMac is still unknown, it’s unclear whether we should expect a full redesign or another update like that last year. No news yet on whether the new iMac will also sport a Retina Display.

The fourth piece of the Mac line to be updated at WWDC is still unclear. Both the Mac mini and the Mac Pro are due for a refresh. Intel’s (NASDAQ:INTC) new Ivy Bridge processors would fit into a Mac mini. But the Mac Pro has not been updated in a couple years, which means it’s due for an update, though that may also signal Apple is leaving the technology behind. The Mac mini was updated last July with improved internals.

Sources also believe Apple will debut some new accessories at WWDC, which could range from new cases and cables to refreshed keyboards, trackpads, mice, and AirPorts, though little is known to that end.

Updating its entire Mac line is uncustomary for Apple, but perhaps the company is considering a more consistent schedule for new releases like that it already employs with the iPad and iPhone, both of which get refreshed yearly. Apple may also simply be taking advantage of hype surrounding its new Retina Display, planning to launch a range of devices this year sporting the new screens.