Yahoo! Here Are the Numbers Delighting Marissa Mayer


Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer has reported a number of significant victories since her appointment to the position more than a year ago, among them Yahoo’s stock rally, its $1 billion acquisition of Tumblr, and the site’s appealing homepage and email redesign.

While Yahoo once looked as if it could be at the end of its road, quickly losing more and more ground to Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), the Sunnyvale, California-based corporation has since convinced consumers and analysts that it may be down, but it’s not out. It’s orchestrating several facelifts, embarking on plans with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) that make it more mobile friendly, and partnering with high-profile celebrities to beef up the company’s media offerings.

Much of that recent success can be pegged to the one person who has managed to turn Yahoo’s fate around: Mayer. Since her appointment, consumers are clearly regaining confidence in the company — she was able to share proof of that Wednesday at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco. There, according to Reuters, she said that her Internet company now has more than 800 million monthly active users, and that does not include traffic from Tumblr.

This new figure highlights a significant victory for Yahoo, as it reflects a 20 percent growth since the site’s downturn, illuminating that Yahoos is back on the rise. In August, we learned Yahoo surpassed Google in domestic Web traffic in July, according to comScore — the last time Yahoo ranked No. 1 in those ratings was May 2011.

Yahoo isn’t only just expanding its Web traffic, it’s also expanding its mission entirely. USA Today reported Monday that the company hired Megan Liberman, The New York Times’s former deputy news editor, as the site’s new editor-in-chief. In a blog post, Yahoo explained that Liberman “will lead a major expansion of Yahoo News, bringing in new voices and defining features for the site. She will focus primarily on original reporting, social news gathering, video and live events coverage.”

Thus, Yahoo has already made significant changes since Mayer’s appointment just over a year ago, and it now looks poised with major plans moving forward. Together, Mayer and Liberman will work to continue to resurrect success for the once-dying Internet company and hopefully maintain or grow its 800 million monthly active users. Following Mayer’s good news, Yahoo’s stock grew 2.84 percent to 30.02 as of 10:15 Thursday morning, and it didn’t look like it was stopping there.

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