Apple’s Cook Hints at INCREDIBLE New Products

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Tim Cook said in a recent interview the company is preparing to release some “incredible” new products, fueling brand hysteria while vowing to “double down” on product secrecy. “The juices are flowing,” he said Tuesday evening during the opening interview at the D: All Things Digital conference. “We have some incredible things coming out.”

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But while Cook’s secrecy about product development is in keeping with the path laid out by his predecessor, the late Steve Jobs, he did make one notable divergence from that legacy, saying Apple would be more transparent than in the past about issues related to social change, including labor rights in China, for which Apple has faced ongoing scrutiny.

Cook also said he hoped more components for Apple products would be made in the U.S., but remained tight-lipped about the one issue on everyone’s mind: an Apple TV.

That’s not to be confused with Apple TV, a $99 set-top box already in the Apple line-up. Cook called the device, still a relatively niche product, “an area of intense interest for us.” But he did not say anything about rumors the company plans to build a television or create a new type of television content service.

Nor did he give any signal that rumors Apple would release different versions of the iPhone and iPad in different sizes might be true. But he did identify Siri as a priority. The voice-response technology Apple delivered with the iPhone 4S has received a lot of criticism for not working consistently. “There is more that it can do,” Cook said. “I think you’ll be really pleased with some things you will see over the coming months.”

Cook also told the audience to “stay tuned” on the question of whether Apple would strike a partnership with Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), which still hasn’t been integrated into the iPhone in a meaningful way, despite the fact that the number of users accessing the social networking site from mobile devices continues to grow rapidly. “I think we can do more with them,” Cook said of Facebook.

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