Apple’s iOS 6 Launch Blighted By Major Glitch

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) wasn’t shown off to much advantage on Wednesday as the company launched a glitch-laden new operating system for its mobile devices. Fans rushing to install iOS 6 in the hours after its launch yesterday were not just disappointed by long download times, but found that once their iDevices had updated, they encountered a whole different problem: the WiFi didn’t work.

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Once an upgraded iDevice attempted to connect to a wireless network, it was automatically being sent to a web page on However, that page didn’t exist, resulting in a 404 page error message. iDevices then decided there was no network available and gave up on their efforts to connect to the Internet.

Apple has since restored the page in question and now network connections are proceeding without incident, but the flub left a lot of Apple enthusiasts deeply angered after they were unable to use some of the new operating system’s key features — particularly the updated Siri and Apple’s new map app — for hours after its launch. Some were able to connect to Wi-Fi immediately after updating, only to experience the error later, in the midst of using their devices.

Apple’s support forums are full of complaints about the issue. The thread “iOS 6 WiFi Disabled” has generated 63 pages worth of complaints and commentaries, racking up over 20,000 views and over 400 comments.

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