Apple’s iOS Easily Trumps Android on This Metric

Though Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android has made up considerable ground in sales, much at the expense of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), a recent report submitted by Piper Jaffray indicates that Apple is still sitting at the top when it comes to mobile-derived web traffic.

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Not only is Apple’s share of mobile web traffic swelling, but Android, although sales are increasing, has seen its share of web traffic reduce over the last three consecutive months, according to the data collected by Investing Analytics. In February, Apple led with 63.5 percent of mobile web traffics, seconded by Android’s 29.7 percent. By April, Apple’s share was up to 69 percent, while Android had slipped, to 26.5 percent.

“For the second straight month in our tracking of the data, iOS gained on Android as a source of mobile traffic,” said Piper analyst Gene Munster. “We believe the traffic data continues to demonstrate that iOS is not only the leading platform in the US, its users are generally more engaged with their mobile devices.”

Munster also notes that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the United States — accounting for 60 percent of sales at Verizon (NYSE:VZ), and 80 percent at AT&T (NYSE:T) — while the iPad is the most dominant product in the tablet category. Additionally, iOS users tend to be more engaged with their devices, especially in contrast users who opt for Android.

“We believe that iOS is likely to continue to lead in mobile traffic generation in the US for at least the remainder of the year,” Munster said.

The iPhone, which continues to dominate the chart when broken down by device, has slowly been relinquishing its top spot to the iPad. This is most likely due to the iPad’s more web-page friendly interface, and also to the continued demand for the devices, aided by the Mini variant.

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“We believe that iOS’s contribution from tablets, which are likely to generate more traffic than a smartphone, is greater than Android’s.” Munster noted, implying that although Android tablet sales remain strong, on a percentage basis iPad users seem to surf the web more than users of other platforms.

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