Apple’s New Ad Campaign Seeks Wider Exposure for ‘Struggling’ 5C


Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) unleashed a new ad campaign on Thursday designed to promote the cheaper iteration of the iPhone, the 5C, according to reports from AppleInsider and MacRumors.

Often painted as a “struggling” product by analysts, the tech giant is departing from its usual print and television advertisements and venturing onto the Web with its latest campaign, which currently appears on both the Yahoo and New York Times sites.

Apple currently has seventeen different animated advertisements for the 5C on the Internet. As well being featured on Yahoo and the New York Times, Apple has also invested in ads for the 5C on the social media and photo sharing site Tumblr (which is owned by Yahoo).

The videos that debuted on Yahoo and the New York Times this week are meant to highlight the 5C’s brightly colored plastic backing, which comes in a variety of colors — yellow, pink, green, blue, and classic white. The ads feature a series of dots depicted in different arrangements, which eventually come into line as the dots on the back of a branded Apple 5C case and then zoom out further to reveal the full 5C.

The ads also feature cheeky background music. In one version, Nena’s “99 Luftballoons” plays in the background as red dots float across a blue bacjground, eventually transforming into the grid of a 5C’s phone case. Another ad uses the Tetris theme as the dots fall into place before zooming out.

The new advertisements come after mounting reports that Apple’s lower-cost smartphone is not measuring up to Apple’s usual sales success. Apple CEO Tim Cook even admitted that demand for the product is “different than [Apple] thought,” AppleInsider reported Thursday. It’s likely the new campaign is part of an effort to boost sales of the company’s mid-tier product, which failed to live up to expectations.

The lack of demand for the 5C was due in part to the hype over the more popular 5S, which debuted new technology such as the Touch ID sensor and various camera upgrades, along with the anticipated A7 processor. Some reports have even suggested that the iPhone 5S was outselling the 5C by as much as a 2:1 margin, at which point the company scaled back the production of the 5C. Reports have also speculated that it’s unlikely the company will continue to produce a lower-cost iteration of the iPhone in future, due to the 5C’s faltering demand.

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