Apple’s New Jobs Point to Big Things Ahead for Siri

If you’re looking for some gainful employment and have experience as a speech operations engineer, software engineer, or anything in between, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) might be interested in knowing more about you.

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The company has recently posted 12 new job positions relating to its Siri program, the digital assistant on Apple’s iPhones and iPads. One of the posts indicates that Apple is planning to expand the Siri program, perhaps quite dramatically, as the company is looking for a “Siri Integration Engineer” who will “triage and prioritize incoming feature enhancements and functionality regressions that may arise, ensuring that the tickets are appropriately categorized,” according to Fast Company, which continues on say that this position will be responsible for “troubleshooting bigger and better Siri functions as they come online, making sure they integrate with Apple’s plans,” it said. Fast Company also noted that the full-time nature of the job implies that Apple will be pursuing aggressive growth to the Siri program.

The Siri Interaction Designer position will have even bigger responsibilities that include building new interactive systems into Siri and extending its “capabilities, knowledge, and intelligence” as well as “helping invent new techniques for conversational interaction.” This job will also be part of “building practices, processes, and standards that will become a foundation for design and innovation far into the future,” according to the job posting.

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Although Apple hires numerous people constantly just due to the immense size of the company, the new Siri positions offer a look into the company’s future plans with its digital AI. Siri job postings earlier this year hinted that Apple may be making it more personable, and possible expand Siri’s platform to encompass Macs as well as the devices with iOS. Also noted was that postings were made in several different languages, implying that Apple is turning Siri into a global program.

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