Apple’s Phantom iPhone Has LOTS of Buyers

A new survey has found that a record number of people are “likely” to buy Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) next iPhone, which is widely expected to launch later this year. The ChangeWave survey found that 14 percent of consumers indicated they were “very likely” to buy the rumored ‘Phone 5,’ while another 17 percent said they were “somewhat likely” to buy the new Apple device.

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“The biggest finding of the survey is the unprecedented level of advanced demand for the next generation Apple iPhone (i.e., the ‘iPhone 5’) — which based on these survey numbers easily dwarfs the advance demand of any previous iPhone launch,” ChangeWave said in a statement. ChangeWave told those surveyed that Apple’s next-generation iPhone was likely to launch later this year with a larger screen, improved camera, new iOS 6 operating system, and 4G LTE capability, but at the same price point as the iPhone 4S.

In a survey last October, 10 percent of consumers had said they were “very likely” to buy an iPhone 4S, while 11.5 percent said they were “somewhat likely.” Still, the iPhone 4S made a record debut, taking total iPhone sales during the holiday quarter to 37 million units.

Samsung also received consumer love, with 19 percent of customers saying they planned to buy a smartphone by the company in the next 90 days. When asked directly about the company’s latest flagship Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android smartphone, Galaxy S III, 2 percent said they were “very likely” to buy it, while 7 percent said they were “somewhat likely.”

However, the high interest in the iPhone is not good news for other manufacturers. Consumer interest in Motorola devices was down two percentage points to 4 percent from the last survey, HTC was unchanged at 3 percent, and Research In Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM) stayed at an all-time low of 2 percent. Nokia (NYSE:NOK) saw a slight rise of one-point, but also came in just 2 percent.

“The huge wave of pent-up demand for the coming iPhone launch has important implications for the rest of the industry – and puts a number of second tier smart phone manufacturers at increased risk of coming in below plan for the year,” the survey concluded.

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