Are Apple’s Mac Users Losing Patience?

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) MacBook Pro line users, waiting with bated breath to see if the company will launch an update to the computer, finally have one hint to go by. The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple, who is known to be something of an Apple insider, said during a podcast that there was no chance Apple would discontinue the computer.

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Dalrymple made the remarks on Wednesday during his Amplified podcast with Dan Benjamin. Asked by Benjamin if there was “any chance” that Apple would get rid of the MacBook Pro, Dalrymple said, “No.”

Concerns about whether Apple may be questioning the long-term viability of the Mac Pro, which was last updated in July 2010, have been around for a while. A Facebook petition asking for Apple to inform customers about the fate of the Mac Pro has grown in popularity, getting more than 14,000 “likes.”

The page’s creator, professional video editor Lou Borella, told AppleInsider that users were desperate for an indication from Apple about a new machine. “All they (Apple) have to do is say four words: ‘Pro users, stay tuned,’” he said. “That’s all they would have to say and the 13,000+ people that are on the site right now would breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Apple still sees us, they’re still committed … Everybody’s patience meter which has gone all the way completely to frustrated would just automatically be reset back to zero.”

Borella added that Apple customers commonly experience angst while buying a product because “they’re scared to death that they bought it too late in the life cycle” and Apple will release a new version too soon.

In February, Dalrymple had accurately confirmed the rumor of a March 7 iPad launch.

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