Is AT&T Building the Smartphone of the Future?

AT&T (NYSE:T) Labs are working on transferring data through human bone using a smartphone. Seriously!

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The wireless company has been making progress with bioacoustic technology — that is, applications derived from sound waves traveling through organic material. In combination of piezoelectricity — the ability of certain materials (like bone) to retain an electrical charge — scientists have been able to create a secure door-locking system using a mobile phone.

The “key” is a code stored on a phone that, when held in one’s hand, transmits the code as a distinct sound vibration through one’s body. The other hand, secured around the appropriate doorknob, transfer that unique vibration into the locking mechanism and opens the door. Because the frequency of the sound it wholly unique, or at least, scientists are working to make it so, no one else would be able to replicate it, making such door locks remarkably secure.

If that wasn’t enough, AT&T is already planning future applications for the emerging technology. According to director Brian Amento, data transferred securely through human bone is the expected outcome of the project. That could give whole to meaning to a handshake…

Shares of AT&T closed up 4 cents at $34.59 per share Monday.

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