Boeing: “We’re Continuing the Game on GPS”

Boeing-logo-2The battle for top position in GPS services is far from over. According to a report by The Space NewsThe Boeing Company’s (NYSE:BA) recent defeat at the hands of Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) will not to deter its continued investment in GPS products the U.S. Defense Department might covet. In fact, the vice president of the company’s Space and Intelligence Systems division told reporters Boeing has “a lot to offer” the government in this department.

Many industry observers considered Boeing down for the count following the awarding of Defense Dept. contracts to Lockheed Martin for GPS Block 3. According to National Defense Magazine, Lockheed may deliver 32 satellites as part of the program, while Boeing’s run of supplying GPS satellites will end when it completes the second wave (GPS 2F) this year. However, Boeing was awarded a smaller contract that keeps its hand in the game.

“That continues some GPS business and we believe we have a lot to offer there, and we’ll continue to make those investments,” said Craig Cooning, VP of Space and Intelligence Systems, as reported by The Space News. Boeing signaled its intent to not go quietly in the GPS division when it announced Dudley Barnfield would become the new director of its program in July, as Inside GNSS reported.

Cooning told reporters it has GPS technologies in development it clearly sees the government wanting, even as the next phase of several dozen Lockheed Martin satellites are launched into orbit. In Cooning’s words, Boeing has every intention of “continuing the game on GPS,” according to The Space News report. As technology develops and hackers figure out new ways to jam signals coming into satellites, there is no shortage of opportunities for companies like Boeing.

For now, Lockheed has taken the lead in the field as the lead provider of GPS satellites. Boeing’s effect on the industry could be decided by the success of its proposed 702SP satellite project. According to statements by Boeing in early August, the company has a design review complete for its innovative platform. If it represents a major advancement in the industry, future GPS contracts will be headed its way.

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