BOOM! Apple’s iCloud Crashes

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iCloud experienced an outage Wednesday that affected some services, including delivery of iMessages, a common means of communication among iPhone users. The iCloud website was also affected, as was mail.

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Apple’s own system status website for iCloud noted that “some” users were affected by the outage, which began at 11:42 a.m. Pacific. The site promised that “normal service will be restored ASAP” and as of 1 p.m., they were, but the service interruption casts a dark cloud on Apple, and on the cloud as a whole.

While cloud storage is supposed to be the way of the future, its susceptibility to outages proves it’s not quite ready to replace hard disk storage. Apple’s free iCloud service and its paid predecessor, MobileMe, have a history of outages that have affected users over the years. The smart iCloud user knows to back-up all his data to his iMac or MacBook, and then again maybe to an external hard drive. But what does that say for iCloud? How essential is a service that can’t be relied upon?

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