Can LG Bend Its Way to the Top In the Smartphone War?

While Samsung (SSNLF.PK) and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) might have a lead in the smartphone industry, one company is daring to innovate in a bigger way, and it’s not afraid to say where and when.

Apple is especially known for how it revolutionized the mobile phone industry with the introduction of the iPhone — the first in its class of smartphones. Since then, other companies have introduced smartphone operating systems and hardware, with Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android operating system being the most notable software, and Samsung’s devices being the most notable hardware.

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In the smartphone war’s most recently quarterly results, Samsung has taken first place with the most device sales — aided by the strength of Android and by the fact it produces many more varied devices a year than Apple. Apple came in second. At some distance, LG Electronics came in third.

Now, LG Electronics may be the one to break the current mold of the smartphone industry and take devices to the next level. LG Display (NYSE:LPL) is the main supplier of screens for LG Electronics’ devices, naturally, and the display company had something very exciting to show attendees at the Society for Information Display’s Canadian exhibition.

The idea of flexible screens on devices isn’t entirely new. Early this year, Apple was awarded a patent for a device that featured a curved screen. Samsung has also shown off some flexible screen technology. But, so far, neither company has actually put out a device that uses the flexible screens, and they haven’t suggested a time when they will either.

LG Electronics, on the other hand, officially announced during an earnings briefing last month that the company would introduce a device featuring a flexible OLED screen from LG Display in the fourth quarter.¬†Given that LG Electronics’ fiscal year is aligned with the calendar year, the device should come out around the holiday season and could be a big surprise for shoppers and a major boost for LG’s sales.

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While the rest of the smartphone industry might be making steady advancements in processor speeds and display resolution, LG Electronics and LG Display could be taking the smartphone industry to the next level. On top of being highly malleable, the screens are also intended to be unbreakable, which could be a highly beneficial consequence of the new technology and may drive up sales, as consumers buying expensive devices hate to see those same devices shatter when they fall three inches to the ground.

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