Can Microsoft Convince You to Use Internet Explorer?

Having gone from industry leader to industry laggard, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has had to fight harder than ever to convince consumers that its products are viable competitors to services offered by Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) an Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). Among its neglected products is Internet Explorer, whose popularity has diminished in the wake of Chrome and Safari. In order to try to turn some of its losses around, Microsoft rolled out a new advertisement for IE 10, and it is certainty…interesting.

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Data from NetMarketShare suggest that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is by leaps and bounds the most popular browser in the market. While this may technically be true, the data may be misleading because Internet Explorer comes pre-installed with every copy of Windows. Usage statistics suggest that Chrome and Firefox claim the top two shares of the market.

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Regardless of who’s on top, tech and Internet companies have a vested interest in having a popular browser just as they have a vested interest in the popularity of any of their products. If Internet Explorer is still king of the mountain, then they are fighting tooth and nail to stay there. If not, then they are fighting tooth and nail to try and get back up top.

Is an Ad Campaign what IE 10 Needs?

Here’s the advertisement:

The video speaks volumes about how users view Internet Explorer and how Microsoft wants them to view it. It seems they’ve abandoned the idea of convincing people they are best in class and are trying to win users through personality and the promise of progress.

How Will This Affect Microsoft’s Stock?

Coincidentally, shares of Microsoft are pulling about 1.5 percent lower on Friday afternoon. The movement is unlikely related to this advertisement and more likely related to the relatively weak performance of Windows 8.

It would take a substantial increase in the number of Internet Explorer users to move Microsoft’s stock or give it relative traction against its competitors. What the advertisement does do is reiterate to current Internet Explorer users that Microsoft has not forgotten about them, and reminds non-users that it’s still out there, and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

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