Can Samsung’s New Tablet Outsell the iPad?

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Samsung (SSNLF.PK) sees a new opportunity in its upcoming tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. The company is planning a launch event at New York City landmark Madison Square Garden for the device. The reasoning for such a high-profile event is simple: The company wants the publicity so it can outsell Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad.

In business terms, this makes sense. More publicity draws more attention from potential customers, which can help increase product sales. However, Samsung is looking for more than just a successful product launch. The company is looking to gain more of the world’s tablet market share and potentially dethrone Apple as the top tablet company. Its American commercials often pit the iPad against a Samsung tablet, the latter always being superior, since it’s a Samsung commercial.

Outselling the iPad has been one of Samsung’s goals since it got into the tablet business. Between Apple’s slipping iPad sales and this new campaign for the Galaxy Tab S, the new tablet has a potential opportunity to outsell the iPad. Considering the fact that Apple’s tablet sales have slipped while Samsung’s are growing, this could happen with the release of a new high-end tablet for the South Korea-based company.

Samsung has established that this new tablet, the Galaxy Tab S, will be the flagship tablet product, as evidenced by giving it the “S” title, which is also used in the names of its flagship smartphones like the recently released Samsung Galaxy S5. Time noted that the specs of the new tablet look “impressive.” Samsung’s primary sales pitch for the new tablet is its Super AMOLED display, meaning that its screen has better resolution than an LCD television. This is also a step to set it apart from the nine other tablets the company has released so far this year, reports The Verge. Despite all these new tablets, Samsung still plays second fiddle to Apple’s iPad.

The iPad was not the first tablet, but it was a huge commercial success that caused Apple to dominate the tablet market. The iPad’s most recent generation, the iPad Air, came out in November. It sold well during the holiday season, but since then, sales have declined. Reports from Apple’s most recent quarter show that about 16 million iPads were sold during that period, down from approximately 19 million the preceding quarter. It still outsold Samsung, which sold about 11 million tablets that period.

Despite Apple continuing to outsell Samsung, the decline in sales and hype around Samsung and other tablets is chipping away its lead. Until last year, iOS was the top platform for tablets before several Android tablets, including several Samsung models, knocked it into second place. Based on individual brands, Apple retains 32.5 percent of the world tablet market share as of the first quarter of 2014, making it the top tablet brand. Samsung has about 22.3 percent of the market for the same period, putting it in second place. We won’t know if the new Samsung Galaxy Tab will affect those standings until after its July release.

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