Can the iPhone Be Your Next House Key?

In yet another example of the iPhone’s seemingly unlimited versatility, a startup tech company has paired with a lockset manufacturer to create a Bluetooth-enabled lock that works with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) devices. UniKey Technologies has partnered with lock maker Kwikset to create the Kwikset Kevo, a Bluetooth-activated lock system that will work exclusively with Apple’s 4.0 Bluetooth on its iPhone, iPod, and iPad products.

This wireless digital key will automatically disengage a lock when an authorized Apple device is in range and after the user taps on the lock exterior. Besides offering the convenience of being able to unlock a door without fumbling for the correct key, the Kwikset Kevo also offers many other advantages over traditional lock systems.

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Users can virtually lend their keys to another iPhone user. Users can also customize the access for the virtual keys that they lend out, including single-use access for contractors or other service workers. The Kwikset Kevo also features secure “military-grade encryption” to prevent hacking. Kevo even senses which side of the door a user is standing on so it isn’t inadvertently unlocked when a user approaches it from the inside.

UniKey Technologies decided to debut its product as an Apple-exclusive system because of the Cupertino-based company’s Bluetooth Low Energy protocol on its devices. Via Apple Insider, UniKey CEO Phil Dumas states that “Apple is just so much further along with their low energy protocol.”

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Worried you may be unable to unlock your door if you lose your iPhone? Don’t worry. The Kevo will still accept your traditional mechanical key.

Unikey Technologies originally pitched its product on ABC’s (NYSE:DIS) Shark Tank entrepreneurship television show. Kwikset is a subsidiary owned by Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE:SWK).

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