Can Yahoo Make Flickr “Awesome Again”?

After running the popular photo-sharing website Flickr into the ground, Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) is vowing to make it “awesome again.”

Flickr was once the most popular spot for amateur and professional photographers to post and share their work. After purchasing the popular site, Yahoo failed to make changes necessary for Flickr to compete with other photo sharing sites like Instagram, which was purchased by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) for $1 billion, and many previously dedicated users closed their accounts.

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Flickr will finally have a mobile app comparable to Instagram, which only works through Android and iOS devices. Flickr’s mobile app will offer more filters and editing tools than other photo-sharing sites. In addition to the smartphone and tablet apps, the revamped Flickr will have larger images, the ability to upload full resolution photos, and 1 TB of free storage space. Facebook and other photo services compress photos when uploading them, so offering full resolution photos will appeal more to serious photographers than other sites.

Flickr will also stand out through offering more storage space for users than any competing photo storage websites. The terabyte of space Flickr will give for free costs $49.99 per month on Google‘s (NASDAQ:GOOG) photo service. A terabyte of space is basically unlimited and can store over half a million photos. No other website has offered so much free storage.

The vow to improve Flickr comes on the heels of an announcement that Yahoo has purchased popular blogging site Tumblr. Both are part of Yahoo Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer’s plans to make Yahoo more relevant to younger users. Yahoo has failed to maintain the hip factor it once had and is struggling to remain relevant in the face of competition with Google and social networking sites. Yahoo will pay $1.1 billion for Tumblr, which will remain a separate entity with CEO David Karp keeping his position. Acquiring Tumblr will help Yahoo gain a foothold in the youth demographic by gaining access to its 300 million unique monthly visitors and expand Yahoo’s social networking options.

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Flickr will be undergoing a fresh marketing campaign to attract new users and remind former ones that the site still exists. If the revamped Flickr is successful, investors can be more optimistic about how Yahoo will handle ownership of Tumblr as well.

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