The 4 Biggest Video Game Rumors Happening Now

Video game makers may be exhausted after such an exciting quarter, but they’re also looking forward to what’s coming up in 2015 and beyond. This week’s list of rumors and leaks includes an unexpected sequel, evidence of a new Nintendo console, and the possible release date for one of the biggest titles of 2015 (it’s sooner than you’d probably think). Read on for all the rumors and leaks that have emerged over the past week.

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1. Is The Last of Us 2 in the works?

We all know developer Naughty Dog is working on Uncharted 4. We’ve seen several videos of the game, which is expected out by the end of 2015. What we didn’t know was whether we could expect a sequel to the developer’s other blockbuster game, The Last of Us.

Of course it’s no surprise that a game as big as The Last of Us would get a sequel, but we’ve just seen the first evidence that the game is in the early stages of development. Word of The Last of Us 2 comes from the LinkedIn profile of character artist Michael Knowland, who apparently worked on the game for a month. Since Knowland left Naughty Dog in April, it stands to reason that the sequel has been in the works since at least March.

Likelihood: 95%

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2. Is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain coming on February 24?

The official release date for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is currently the rather vague “2015.” But recently both Microsoft and Rakuten have listed a much more specific date for the game’s release: February 24. Retailers often use placeholder dates on games that don’t have a firm release scheduled, but it’s unusual for two retailers to use the same placeholder — especially one that’s only two months out.

Better yet, February 24 is a Tuesday, the day of the week most video games are released. If that is in fact the release date for the next Metal Gear Solid game, expect an official announcement soon. And if you can’t wait to play as Solid Snake, you can pick up the brief prequel, called Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, right now.

Likelihood: 60%

Source: Nintendo

3. Is Nintendo working on a followup to the Wii U?

This one’s not so much a rumor as it is a confirmation. In an interview with the Associated Press, Nintendo creative chief Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that the company is thinking ahead to another console beyond the Wii U. Here’s the full quote:

We’re focused on providing a robust line-up of Wii U software for next year. It seems like we’ve managed to do that this year and people are very happy with what we’ve done on Wii U. For the time being, our focus is on the Wii U hardware, but Nintendo as a whole has groups working on ideas for new hardware systems. While we’re busy working on software for the Wii U, we have production lines that are working on ideas for what the next system might be.

Likelihood: 100%

Source: 2K Games

4. Is Mafia III coming soon?

Apparently it’s a tall order for retailers to keep unannounced titles from going up on their websites. This time the leak comes from Play-Asia, a company that posted listings for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Mafia III, a game that hasn’t even been announced yet. The listings have since been removed, but not before eagle-eyed fans took screenshots. It could be that this is a simple slip-up and indicates nothing. But it could also mean that the game is in the works and nearing release.

The Mafia series, for the uninitiated, takes place in the 1930s and ’40s, and follows mobsters as they take part in all the organized criminal activities that mobsters are wont to do. The games are open world, much like Grand Theft Auto, with great attention to period detail, from the music to the outfits and everything in between. A new installment would be big news for fans.

Likelihood: 40%

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