Confirmed: Apple’s Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C Is Real

Confirming earlier rumors, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) released a cheaper version of the iPhone 5C in Europe; the 8GB version of the 5C is now available at U.K. Apple Stores and is priced at 429 pounds, as well in French Apple Stores, where it’s priced at 559 euros, approximately 50 euros cheaper than the 16GB version of the phone, according to a TechCrunch report.

The 8GB version is completely identical to the 16GB and 32GB versions released in the fall, except for the phone’s smaller storage capacity. It features the same A6 processor, 4-inch Retina display, and 8-megapixel camera as its pricier siblings.

Rumors of a possible cheaper, smaller-capacity 5c originally surfaced on German tech websites on Monday; the Verge notes that some thought that with the introduction of the 8GB 5c, Apple would finally discontinue selling the out-dated iPhone 4s, but the website confirms that Apple is still selling the 4s alongside the 5c line-up.

The news follows reports that the tech giant’s iPhone 5C hasn’t sold as well as the company originally hoped. CEO Tim Cook even previously said that “the mix was stronger to the 5S and it took us some amount of time to build the mix that customers were demanding.” TechCrunch speculates that the capacity and price reduction is a response to the model’s relatively poor performance compared with company expectations since the device’s debut early last fall.

Despite Apple’s attempts to offer an even cheaper version of the lower-end 5C, the 8GB model is still markedly more expensive than lower-end Android (NASDAQ:GOOG) smartphones. TechCrunch reports that the well-received Motorola Moto G phone can be snatched up from Amazon for just 129 pounds (about $92). That’s just one of the many cheaper, more budget-friendly smartphones running on Android operating systems. In other words, even with the addition of the 8GB iPhone 5C, you still pay a premium for iOS.

The 8GB version hasn’t been added to the U.S. Apple Store at the time of writing, but it is expected to join the current 16GB and 32GB lineup in a matter of hours; it’s anticipated that the 8GB iPhone 5C offering will be priced at around $499 in the U.S. store.

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