Could This Be Apple’s Next Product Offering?

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) made seven new camera-related patent filings last week, suggesting it may be working on major changes to the feature in future versions of the iPhone and the iPad. All seven application describe gesture techniques and technology for preventing red eye in images, according to Patently Apple.

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One patent application describes a technology aimed at making the user interact with the camera via touch gestures. It then talks about using these interactions to input the parameters for image filters as well as applying location-based distortions to image processing. Some of the diagrams accompanying the description illustrate, for instance, “a light tunnel image filter effect based on a user tap point on a touch screen of a camera device.”

A second application describes a technique for assisted image capture, with the camera displaying a stabilized image to determine its composition and a second image ready to replace the original if needed. Five different applications describe various ways to get rid of the red-eye issue in photographs, including identifying the “red-eye artifact” through making it glow with maximum contrast, and eventually replacing it with a “photographically reasonable result.”

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