Is Apple Building a Stand-Alone Camera?

With rumors of a television product from the company persisting but not yet verified, at least one source is now contending that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may be working on fulfilling another of co-founder Steve Jobs’ interests in reinventing an industry. According to the New iPad Buyers’ Guide published by iLounge this week, Apple could be working on a standalone camera product.

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iLounge labeled its contention as speculation, but noted that it had received a tip with the information. “We were tipped that this project is actually happening at Apple right now, but we didn’t feel confident enough in our source to call it a certainty; it’s therefore billed as speculation,” the relevant excerpt reads. “Still, there’s enough smoke to make us think there’s a fire.”

On Friday, the website’s Jeremy Horwitz took the speculation to Twitter: “So, as briefly noted on Backstage, Apple appears to be working on a standalone camera — the third of three industries Jobs wanted to change.”

Jobs had reportedly had talks with Ren Ng, the chief executive of photography company Lytro, to discuss the idea.

“Today’s cameras confuse users with way too many options based on legacy concepts—ISO, aperture and shutter speed hugely impact images, but most people don’t understand what they mean or how they work,” reads iLounge’s spread, labeled “Making the case for iSight,” on the possible product. “Just like the iPhone, Apple could disrupt the camera market with a simpler device that produces pro-quality results, continuing the instant photography mission of Polaroid’s Edwin Land, a hero to former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.”

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