These Creepy Weapons, Developed in Secret Government Laboratories, Will Give You Goosebumps

The government is up to all kinds of creepy stuff in secret labs, including developing weapons. Ranging from the horrific to the hilariously absurd, these are some of the weirdest and most disturbing weapons we have ever developed as humans.

1. VX Gas

A scientist mixing a formula.

This nerve agent can be deadly. | Tatomm/Getty Images

If anyone has seen The Rock, then you may be familiar with this chemical weapon. VX is a nerve agent similar to Sarin. It operates by attacking the nervous system. Immediately, you will begin to have symptoms of nausea and convulsions. Eventually, you will die of respiratory failure and paralysis.

The only confirmed case of VX being used is in an assassination. Kim Jong Nam, the brother of Kim Jong Un, was exposed to the deadly agent by two unwitting assassins. Kim Jong Nam died within minutes of exposure.

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2. The heart attack gun

Senator Church holding the gun.

This gun was very controversial. | The Alex Jones Channel via YouTube

Any gun can give you a heart attack if you’re afraid enough, but the CIA designed a gun that would only do that. The heart attack gun utilized a frozen dart filled with a toxin that could cause a heart attack. The dart would melt away and destroy the evidence and there would be nothing more than a pin drop wound on your body. It was the perfect assassination tool and, as the design of the gun suggests, there’s no evidence it was ever used.

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3. Anthrax

A scientist mixing a substance in a Petri dish.

Anthrax is very dangerous. | Luchschen/Getty Images

Anthrax is the stuff of modern nightmares. Right after 9/11, the biggest concern was of this stuff spreading in the public. There were many instances of people receiving a white powdered substance in envelopes thought to be sent by terrorist organizations.

People were rightfully terrified of this stuff because of the way Anthrax kills. Anthrax can be deadly whether it is ingested, inhaled, or simply touched. Then when you are infected, it’s a slow killer. Anthrax can take anywhere from 10 days to six weeks to kill you.

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4. The ‘gay bomb’

A confused man in a blue shirt.

An unusual way to stop the enemy in their tracks. | SIphotography/Getty Images

Once upon a time, people thought being gay was a choice or that people were turned gay. The military ran with this idea and took it to a new and ridiculous level. The U.S. Air Force was trying to create non-traditional munitions that could incapacitate their enemies, but not kill them.

One of those non-traditional munitions proposed was a bomb with a payload full of aphrodisiacs. Not just any aphrodisiacs, but super powerful ones. The “Gay Bomb” would turn front-line men into uncontrollable sexual creatures who could not resist each other. To be fair, an orgy would stop the fighting pretty quick.

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5. The Satan 2 ICBM

A missile launching in a rendering.

This powerful weapon could bring an end to an entire country. |

Want to take out Texas, France, or Britain in one shot? Launch a Satan 2 ICBM. This is one of the world’s most powerful ICBMs. The RS-28 intercontinental ballistic missile carries a 40 megatonne nuclear warhead. To put that in perspective, the Hiroshima bomb was a 15 kilotonne device. This brings a whole new meaning to hellfire.

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6. Project X-Ray

A group of bats flying through a sky.

The bats would carry small divices that would be detonated on a timer. | Panda3800/Getty Images

Project X-Ray was actually a pretty ingenious plan. The idea was that a swarm of bats would be released in a populated area. As if bats flying over your head wasn’t scary enough, these bats were carrying incendiary devices. They would all go off at the same time, lighting whatever the bat landed on, on fire. The project was abandoned after a few escaped bats lit a general’s car and a hanger on fire.

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7. Cyborg moths

Moth on white background.

The moths would be controlled electronically. | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Humans have always wanted to control animals. It is one of the pillars of our society that we were able to develop methods of domesticating other creatures. Being able to literally control them is something of a newer desire for humans.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has developed a way to control moths remotely through the use of electronic implants. The project is seen as a huge step in espionage. Someday the phrase “I wish I could be a fly on the wall” will be a reality.

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8. Project Orcon

A pigeon on sidewalk.

This project was eventually abandoned. | Tutye

Before we had GPS targeting, microchips, or lasers to guide bombs to their target, we relied on hoping that we could hit it. The military decided to train pigeons to peck at one of three screens projected inside the nose of a missile.

The images projected would be what the missile is seeing and the pigeon would peck on the target. That would adjust the missiles flight plan to the target.

This process was abandoned because it was impractical. The system could only be used during the daytime, and the images were almost never in range for the pigeon to guide it.

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9. Brain implants

A brain seen in a 3D rendering.

Brain implants could help restore memories. |

DARPA is known for coming up with some of the most insane things to have ever been developed. The think tank is tasked with finding solutions to impossible problems. One of those problems is figuring out how to restore memory after a traumatic brain injury.

They have figured out a way to help restore memory in patients suffering from a TBI by implanting electrodes throughout the brain. This could lead to a fully immersed super-soldier, like something out of Black Mirror. The thing is, will you know if your memory is real or not?

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10. The Vespa cannon

A vespa cannon seen on a wooden floor.

The Vespa cannon could be useful in battle. | Brent Heller via YouTube

Leave it to the French Army to come up with this device. They made a scooter with a detachable cannon that could be mounted and fired in a hurry. The cannon could also be fired while the scooter was in motion. Now, just sit back and imagine that hilarious scenario unfold in your head.

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11. Smallpox

A close up of a smallpox virus.

Smallpox is a horrible bio-weapon. It’s been used for centuries in unspeakable acts. The British military in the Americas routinely gave blankets of smallpox to indigenous people. The most famous of which was during the siege of Fort Pitt.

People who suffer from smallpox have symptoms of high fever, chills, headaches, and severe back and abdominal pain. Those go away after a few days, but then the real horror starts. A patient develops a rash on the skin that starts in the face. They develop abscesses all over the body that fill with pus and eventually burst. It’s a painful and cruel virus.

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12. BZ hallucinogen

A group of soldiers running together.

This vapor contained a hallucinogen that would turn soldiers against each other. | Suman Bhaumik/Getty Images

MKUltra was one of the CIA’s most famous projects. The entire project was to figure out how to attack the enemies’ mind. In that process, they thought they could create a chemical that would make enemy combatants turn on one another. This ended up giving us the super-hallucinogens that we are so familiar with today.

One of those hallucinogens is 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate, better known as BZ. The drug was designed to make soldiers perceive their fellow soldiers as the most terrifying thing in the world. This would either incapacitate the soldier or the soldier would kill the others. The only problem is that these types of drugs are wildly unpredictable and everyone has a different hallucination.

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13. The railgun

An illustration of the railgun.

A powerful and extremely useful weapon. | Chombosan/iStock/Getty Images

The railgun is one of the most awesome and terrifying weapons on the planet. It doesn’t require any explosives or fuels of any kind. A railgun utilizes a rail of magnets to propel the projectile forward. It is launched from hundreds of miles away and travels at hypersonic speed. The projectile will hit its target in complete silence. All that will be heard is the sonic boom traveling behind it.

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14. ‘God Rods’

A God Rod seen falling.

The weapons could cause a lot of damage. | GMSShieldOFaith via YouTube

Kinetic weapons rely upon the principles of kinetic energy. Think of a car traveling at an extremely high rate of speed into a wall. The higher that speed is, the worse the crash is. Now extrapolate that into a projectile falling from space to the ground. The farther up it is, the more time it has to accelerate.

Project Thor is a government space platform that houses tungsten steel rods. As a rod falls, it just gains more and more speed, thus more and more kinetic energy. Hypothetically, these rods could reach upward of 10 times the speed of sound. They can also scale up in size and possibly impact with the force of a nuclear bomb.

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 15. Modular disc-wing urban cruise munition

Male hand catching, holding, yellow frisbee disc.

Not your average frisbee. | Yokaew/Getty Images

It’s a frisbee bomb. A soldier can toss this and it can autonomously seek its target or it can be guided in remotely. When it reaches its target, the payload can be detonated all at the same time, or dispersed in an area. This would make urban warfare even more terrifying and deadly.

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