Don’t Miss These 5 Games Launching Next Week

January is starting to speed up a little this week, with a handful of medium-sized games hitting the physical and digital store shelves. The one thing that draws together all these releases is that they’re all packed full of personality. So if it’s unique charm you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of games releasing the week of January 19.

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1. Saint’s Row: Gat Out of Hell

  • Out January 20 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

Gat Out of Hell is a standalone expansion for Saints Row IV, which means you can play it without needing a copy of the game. If you’ve never played a Saints Row game, all you really need to know is that they give you an open world like Grand Theft Auto, but even more juvenile and way crazier — in a good way. In this installment, your character travels to hell to “shoot the devil in the face.” Sounds like fun.

Watch the trailer here.

Source: Capcom

2. Resident Evil Remastered

  • Out January 20 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

The PS One game that’s generally credited with kicking off the entire survival horror genre is getting an HD upgrade. Actually, to risk confusion, this game is a remaster of the 2002 remake for GameCube. Anyway, this spiffy version will have you explore a mansion full of tough-to-kill zombies and undead dogs, eating herbs to regain health and using a typewriter to save your game. As a nod to modern gamers, they’re even including a more familiar control scheme for anyone who doesn’t want to use the original “tank controls.” Phew.

Watch the trailer here.

Source: Nintendo

3. Gunman Clive 2

  • Out January 20 for Nintendo 3DS

The original Gunman Clive is a gorgeously stylized side-scrolling shooter, much like the NES classics Mega Man and Contra. Instead of going all retro, like many throwback titles these days, it used monochromatic hand-drawn graphics that look basically like a flip book. Thankfully for fans of that kind of game, the sequel promises much of the same but with a slightly wider color palette, plus a lot of great new platforming and shooting ideas added to the mix. Flipped gravity, anyone? Sounds like a blast.

Watch the trailer here.

Source: Atlus

4. Citizens of Earth

  • Out January 20 for PlayStation 4, Wii U, 3DS, PS Vita, and PC

This charming oddity puts you in the shoes of the vice president of the whole planet. After a winning a tough political race and being elected to such a high seat, you’d prefer to kick back and relax, but fate has other things in mind. Everything goes to hell in a hand basket, which means you have to go around recruiting people with various special abilities and having them fight turn-based battles for you. If you’re looking for something silly, Citizens of Earth ought to do the trick.

Watch the trailer here.

Source: Daedalic Entertainment

5. Blackguards 2

  • Out January 20 for PC

For those who like using their brain to win battles, you might want to check out Blackguards 2, a hex-based strategy role-playing game that puts you in control of a team of scoundrels. You play as Cassia, a Blackguard whose one goal in life is to sit on the “Shark Throne” and rule the land. To do that, you command a group of no-good vagabonds through turn-based battles. If it can trump its predecessor, it could be the tactical strategy game that’s been missing from your life.

Watch the trailer here.

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