Facebook ‘Like’ Redesign: No More Love for the Thumbs-Up


Hold the phone – Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) just got a new “Like” button.

Yep, the social network unveiled the redesign of its iconic Like button on Wednesday, showcasing the work that took Facebook designers six months to perfect.

What could possibly take six months? Well, as highlighted by The Verge, when you’re designing a button that appears on more than 7.5 million websites, is translated to hundreds of languages, and must work at different scales and in different browsers, it is what product manager Ling Bao calls “quite a herculean task.”

Bao explained to The Verge: “It’s not easy designing a button used by the whole Internet. This product has a lot of unique constraints and is used by so many sites in different contexts.”

That’s likely why, until now, Facebook hadn’t even considered retooling the look of its Like button that launched in 2010. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

However, if we know anything about the popular social media site, it’s that it it likes change almost a little too much, and most are surprised that the Like button redesign has even taken this long.

source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/smemon/

So what does the new button look like? The Verge reports that the updated version has a bright blue box with Helvetica type. It no longer has its signature thumps-up symbol but the token Facebook “f” and the word “Like” attached to the button. This design was not only chosen by Facebook because the vibrant hue has proven to attract more “Likers,” but also because the simple word, Like, can translate into hundreds of languages and won’t break the button or spill over onto the next line.

Bao had to earn the approval of the company’s designers, vice presidents, legal team, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg before he could even think about orchestrating the launch, but after six months, his efforts finally paid off. Facebook users were liking pictures, status updates, and posts in a whole new way on Wednesday.

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