FINALLY! A Facebook Move That Makes Sense

Every major change to Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) user interface has been met with widespread outrage (voiced in Facebook status updates, what else?) that gives way to quiet resignation, but now that the company is at the center of a media firestorm for its IPO fiasco, Facebook is taking new steps to appease its nearly 1 billion users.

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The social networking company will let all of its users vote on changes to its privacy policy, beginning on Friday. This marks only the second time Facebook has been willing to let users vote on policy changes — the first was in 2009 when the then privately-held company had roughly 200 million users.

Facebook is asking users to vote on updates the company announced in May, a week before its initial public offering. Changes include new sanctions explaining how it uses people’s information. One possibility is that Facebook could start showing people ads on outside sites, using their interests and hobbies, as expressed in their profiles, to target pitches.

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