Foxconn Adds to the List of Apple’s Embarrassments

Several Foxconn workers at the Chengdu plant of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) main supply partner were arrested after a clash with security staff, according to a local report. The Taiwan-based Want China Times reported that the clash broke out Monday night at a male dormitory after security guards trying to stop a thief clashed with employees.

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The report says several hundred workers threw around trash bins, chairs, and pots from the upper floors of the building to the ground and tried to destroy public facilities for about two hours. Police was called in and dozens of workers were arrested.

The Foxconn Chengdu plant employs up to 120,000 people and produces liquid crystal displays for electronic products such as the iPhone. The company’s factories have been under the spotlight recently after reports of bad working conditions and inhumane treatment of employees. A report by the independent body Fair Labor Association also found abuses of work hours and low salaries that made workers un happy. An explosion at the Chengdu factory in May last year had killed two workers and injured 16 others.

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