Google Has BIG PLANS For This NEW Buy

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) will acquire the Frommer’s travel brand from publisher John Wiley & Sons (NYSE:JW) for an undisclosed price. Google, which acquired restaurant-review company Zagat Survey last year, has been trying to broaden its customer review offerings. Frommer’s provides reviews on global hotels and destinations.

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While Google has reportedly not yet decided whether Frommer’s guidebooks will continue to be published in print or move to online-only, the travel brand is likely to be combined into Zagat.

“Our commitment is to keep things as they are today and once we combine operations, we’ll know better what the future looks like,” Bernardo Hernandez, Zagat’s managing director of product management, told Wall Street Journal. “Consumers need fresh accurate information. When you add information you can trust to phone numbers and addresses as part of the Google search experience, it enables users to convert their intentions into actions.”

Frommer’s started in 1957 as a book by Arthur Frommer offering $5-a-day travel advice to Americans visiting Europe. Wiley acquired the brand in 2001.

Google is competing with rivals such as Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) for local-business advertisers through offering information and other search services.

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