Google Is Test Driving This New Technology

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) just got the go-ahead to test out its latest futuristic technology, a driverless car.

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On Monday, the tech giant got the first driverless license in the U.S. It will start testing its cars in Nevada, the only state that allows driverless licenses.

The technology is a mix of GPS, cameras, lasers, and radar that helps steer the car away from obstacles. Google will test the system in a variety of cars including a Toyota (NYSE:TM) Prius, Lexus RX450h and an Audi TT, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

By law, Google’s test vehicles will have two human drivers in the front seats at all times. General Motors (NYSE:GM) is working on an enhanced cruise-control vehicle, the Cadillac Super Cruise, that it hopes to debut in 2013.

Google hopes that its driverless car, sporting cool features like voice-activated texting and Internet connectivity via the dashboard, will be ready by 2015.

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