Here’s Google’s Vision For the Future

Intent on establishing itself as a company of the future, a company with ‘vision’, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) continues to expand its Project Glass testing, and is making sure to keep the public updated on its progress.

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A number of images taken with the ‘smart glasses,’ which Google has been testing with more employees, were shown off this week at the Google+ Photographers Conference. The photos were of much higher quality than previous samples. Additionally, the first video capture from Project Glass hardware was made available for viewing.

Someone wearing the prototype glasses while doing flips on a trampoline demonstrates in a 15-second video the type of video capture that’s far more difficult to take with a smartphone. The video quality might not be cinematic, but it’s not bad when you consider the hardware is in constant motion, with the lighting continually changing.

Most of the snapshots in the Google+ post updating the public on the latest developments involving Project Glass show marked improvement in quality compared to previous samples. Google is clearly working on the image capabilities of the hardware, though anyone who’s seen the original Project Glass video knows they’re meant to do a lot more.

Recent focus has been on input technologies like image capture, but the original concept was more focused on output, providing information from weather forecasts to directions to schedules. Because the glasses are only in the relatively early stages of testing, the ultimate lean of the device has yet to be determined.

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