The iPad Gets Chrome

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has finally launched Chrome for iOS, a browser replacement for Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Mobile Safari. While iOS does not offer the ability to change either the default mail client or the web browser, Chrome does have the ability to sync tabs, bookmarks, saved passwords, and other settings between devices.The app also includes a “restore tabs” prompt, like its desktop version, that comes up if the program ever crashes. The mobile version also includes the Incognito mode for browsing privately. Another useful feature is the shortcuts keyboard that appears above the normal keyboard as a user is typing in a URL.

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The biggest advantage Google has with releasing its own browser is that it won’t have to share revenue with Apple for searches done through Chrome, unlike searches that come in from Safari or Firefox. However, Google will have a task getting users to make the move because Apple’s rules about third-party browsers basically ensure that they don’t match up to Safari in terms of speed.

Chrome vice president Brian Rakowski announced Chrome for iOS was available right away.

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