Google Wields Motorola Sword Against This Major British Telecom

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is at it again, wielding its Motorola Mobility patent portfolio in another round of lawsuits over infringement. This time, the cases are in the U.K. against communications and IT services company BT Group (NYSE:BT).

BT may have actually been the one to start the inter-company aggression, as it filed a patent suit in late 2011 against Google over some technology in it’s Android OS. Google turned around on BT to sue over conference call and quality of service patent infringement in the by BT’s enterprise business in the U.S.

The unfolding cases in the U.K. strikes BT at home and are a new instance of Google using patents from the recently-acquired Motorola Mobility to sue other companies. Last month, Google was in a suit against Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) using Motorola patents, but it was forced to drop the charges in order to settle antitrust investigations by the Federal Trade Commission…

In two separate cases, Google will be going after BT’s television services, including BT’s on-demand and BT Vision TV, as well as certain security technologies for digital television receivers. With nearly 5,000 of its own patents, BT may not be too concerned about putting up a fight against Google, but it still may be hoping Google loses its teeth in the case like it did against Microsoft.

It’s not yet clear exactly how much money Google is seeking from BT in each case, but the language in the court documents shows that it is after some amount of compensation. As BT was only given notice of the case today, more news will come later.

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