Google X Leader on Wearable Computing: It’s Coming

The Google HQ

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) X is Google’s notoriously secret hardware innovation facility located about a half mile from the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. Overseen by Sergey Brin, one of the tech giant’s co-founders, the lab’s workers are sworn to secrecy as they work on the development of future technologies such as wearable computers and driverless cars.

Though the group has kept frustratingly quiet about what the future for Google holds, its leader, Mary Lou Jepsen, left the lab compound last week and appeared on Emtech’s stage Thursday to offer audiences her thoughts on the technology industry’s new innovations, and of course, wearable technology.

Unfortunately for consumers, Jepsen kept her promise to Brin and remained mum about the products she and her team are plotting over at Google X, but she did share some some interesting opinions on consumer electronics in general Thursday, highlighted by Technology Reviewand effectively stressed what she believes are key to any future successful products.

According to Technology Review, on the subject of wearable computers, Jepsen asserted that they are “a way of amplifying you” and they lets users do something more fast, easily, and efficiently. She not only believes the technology is coming and that, “I don’t think it’s stoppable,” but she also offered additional uses for the electronics, such as human-computer interfaces that could help patients with neurodegenerative diseases do things like identify the people around them.

Still on the topic of wearable computers, Jepsen also mentioned the advantages of smart watches, stressing they are like an extension of the mind, but maintained that successful commercial smart watches will have to boast a variety of designs, and stopped herself there before offering any opinions on Google’s own rumored smartwatch.

In addition, Technology Review also reports that Jepsen promised consumers that we may see what they’re working on over at Google X sometime next year, and asserted that she and her team are now working to capitalize on the diversity and innovation that is becoming available in the ever evolving tech industry.

Jepsen stressed that she doesn’t believe consumer electronics’ industrial design and user experience design mean as much as they once did, explaining that they are “not the whole product” but did maintain, “I think there’s a lot of room for diversity and innovation of approach here.”

As for Google’s driverless car, Jepsen promised that it is “safer than a regular driver now” and also made the bold claim that her company has driven more miles with its driverless car than the ground covered by all other driverless cars combined. Soon enough, they may give us a turn.

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