Google’s YouTube is STILL Alive Despite Apple Snub

More than a month after Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) announced that its iPhones and iPads will no longer come pre-loaded with the YouTube app once iOS 6 is released, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has released a new standalone mobile application for the video service.

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The new app, which can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store, will let Google show advertising, unlike its predecessor. That will help Google find a new source of revenue, both for itself and for its content creators, and help it recover some of the revenue it will lose because of the licensing arrangement with Apple ending.

The new app has features from YouTube’s latest user interface, such as personal subscriptions to video channels. In portrait mode, there is an option of finding additional information about the video, browse suggested videos, or read through user comments. The new app also offers predictive search recommendations, improved auto-complete functionality, as well as voice search. Search results can be refined by sorting by relevance, upload date, or view count.

The original application had been built by Apple, but had not been updated in recent years. “It’s a new app built by YouTube engineers, to give our iPhone users the best mobile experience,” Andrey Doronichev, head of YouTube mobile, wrote in a blog post.

Apple and Google, fierce mobile software rivals, have increased their bickering lately. Apple is also doing away with Google Maps and replacing it with its own homegrown mapping and navigation application. In a statement last month, Apple said that “our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended.”

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